To endorse Siri, follow the links to get involved or email your endorsement to siriforschools@gmail.com.


Elected Officials

  • Manka Dhingra, WA State Senator, 45th LD
  • Patty Kuderer, WA State Senator, 48th LD
  • Shelley Kloba, WA State Representative, 1st LD
  • Lisa Callan, WA State Representative, 5th LD
  • Larry Springer, WA State Representative, 45th LD
  • Roger Goodman, WA State Representative, 45th LD
  • Amy Walen, WA State Representative, 48th LD
  • Vandana Slatter, WA State Representative, 48th LD
  • John Marchione, Mayor, City of Redmond
  • Angela Birney, Council President, City of Redmond
  • Hank Margeson, Redmond City Council
  • Tanika Padhye, Redmond City Council
  • Penny Sweet, Mayor, City of Kirkland
  • Jay Arnold, Kirkland City Council
  • Jon Pascal, Kirkland City Council
  • Pam Stuart, Sammamish City Council
  • Chris Carlson, Director, Lake Washington School Board
  • Eric Laliberte, Director, Lake Washington School Board
  • Cassandra Sage, Director, Lake Washington School Board
  • Marnie Maraldo, Director, Issaquah School Board

Note: Titles for identification purposes only.

Community Members

  • Jeni Craswell
  • Byron Shutz
  • Debbie Marchione
  • Sherri Nichols
  • Cathy & Paul Dietz
  • Barbara & Scott Martin
  • Sue A. Stewart
  • Scott Biethan
  • Marcie Maxwell
  • Judy & Tony East
  • Matt & Gretchen Loschen
  • Karin Duval
  • Kris Bien
  • Walt & Kathy Krueger
  • Bill Becker
  • Jenny Carlson
  • Sydney Bay
  • Bob Keller
  • Roy Captain
  • Pat Vache
  • Santos Contreras
  • Meghan Altimore
  • Julie & Gary Schare
  • Ravi Shahani
  • Tom Odell
  • Becca Everts
  • Christy Ackerman
  • George Hu
  • Nancy Bernard
  • Tanya Dimpsey
  • Doug Eglington
  • Martha DeAmicis
  • Peter McDonald

Siri shows strength with kindness, vision with collaboration, and a sincere love for the children and families in our district.  Thanks for your commitment to our kids.

Martha DeAmicis

I have worked with Siri since she coached my son’s chess club in kindergarten. Since I have been on the Board of the Schools Foundation, Siri has been a tireless advocate for our District, our students and us parents.

Bill Becker

Siri has been an excellent board member for the students, staff, and parents of Lake Washington as well as a careful guardian of resources. Her experience is critical for the continued success of the district.

Nancy Bernard

I’ve known Siri for many decades and she is one of the most intelligent, hard working, generous people you’ll ever meet.  You would be hard pressed to find someone with a better resume.  Her experience as a longterm board member is invaluable to our community and she deserves to be re-elected.

George Hu

I was pleased when Siri took my place on the LWSD board in 2011, and she has exceeded my expectations ever since then!

Ravi Shahani

Siri is a passionate and engaged advocate for all of the students of the Lake Washington School District. She thinks deeply about the strengths and challenges and pushes through to the best solution for all. She genuinely believes in the ability and potential of every member of our community. As a parent and a professional, I strongly believe in Siri’s leadership in the LWSD.

Meghan Altimore

Siri brings a keen intellect and an open heart to the work that she does in our community. In her personal life, professional, life and her elected life she has always worked for equity and inclusion.  I appreciate that she is focused on bringing all voices to the table to strengthen our schools and provide opportunity and achievement for all students. I enthusiastically recommend Siri for re-election to the LWSD Board of Directors.

Shelley Kloba

As a former LWSD teacher, I greatly appreciate Siri’s passion for educational equity. She has been working to provide excellent education for all students that come through our school district.

Sydney Bay

I have worked with Siri since she coached my son’s chess club in kindergarten. Since I have been on the Board of the Schools Foundation, Siri has been a tireless advocate for our District, our students and us parents.

Bill Becker

I appreciate Siri’s leadership and engagement to make sure that cities within the school district work closely together.

Jay Arnold

Siri’s thoughtful, inclusive, community-minded voice has been an essential part of our district’s school board. In my time in the district, she has proved to be a dedicated leader, extending her service beyond her direct board work to spend time and attention to relationship building with families and vital community partners. Our district is fortunate to have a director like Siri who continues to strive for student success while understanding the need for district-community connections and fiscal responsibility.

Judy East

Siri is thoughtful, passionate about education and works in a highly collaborative manner. I support her for the school board!

Scott Biethan

Siri’s advocacy for each and every student goes well beyond the school board. She is fighting for their needs within the community,  regionally, at the state level, and even nationally.  Siri keeps students first in decision making, is fiscally responsible,  and works hard to ensure educators have what they need to grow every child to their fullest potential.

Lisa Callan, WA State Representative

I’ve known Siri since we volunteered together at Rockwell Elementary! She’s one of the smartest people I know and she uses that intelligence to make our schools better! She listens, she cares and she has the skills and passion to make the Lake Washington School District the best in the nation.

Jeni Craswell

Siri understands our students are learning in a world of rapidly changing technology and our graduates need to be prepared for post secondary options that allow them to ultimately enter a work force much different than the one their parents faced. Her commitment to innovation & hands on learning, support for internships & access to rigor for all students is a vital, value add for our entire community.

Cassandra Sage, Director, Lake Washington School Board

From her start as a parent at Norman Rockwell Elementary to her current role as LWSD Board President, Siri has worked for the long-term improvement of the district for all students.

Angela Birney, Council President, City of Redmond